Euro Truck Simulator 2 has sold 13 million copies and a frankly absurd 80 million pieces of DLC

Euro Truck Simulator 2
(Image credit: SCS Software)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is celebrating its tenth birthday, and developer SCS Software is celebrating by sharing some stats about the game's history - including a frankly absurd DLC attach rate.

The European trucking game has sold 13 million copies since its launch in autumn 2012, and players have bought an astounding 80 million pieces of DLC for the game through Steam. Yes, that means the average ETS2 player buys a lot of DLC. The game's add-ons range from cosmetic packs priced at a few dollars each up to $18 expansions featuring entire new regions and countries to explore.

If you pay much attention to ETS2's place on the Steam charts - which I do because I'm a weirdo - those kinds of sales figures shouldn't be too surprising. It's been cemented in Steam's top 50 games for years, thanks in no small part to mods like the TruckersMP project, which effectively turns the game into a trucking MMO. And if you want to follow your friend's convoy into Italy, you better have the Italia pack, after all.

"We do hope that Euro Truck Simulator 2 has at least another decade of further growth in front of it," the devs say in their news blog. "There are so many features we still want to implement, and so much new stuff we plan to bring you."

One of those features is seemingly a trip into the world of truck horror - a surprisingly durable genre, given movies like Maximum Overdrive, Joy Ride, and Steven Spielberg's Duel. But somehow, I still can't get over seeing an 18-wheeler treated like a slasher villain in a trailer for a trucking simulator.

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