This Cedric Diggory mod for Hogwarts Legacy is the most cursed one yet

Hogwarts Legacy Cedric Diggory mod
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Hogwarts Legacy mods are nothing new in the magical RPG, however, this one is the most unhinged one we've seen so far. 

As highlighted in the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit, and found on Nexus Mods, one questionable individual has taken it upon themselves to create a Cedric Diggory mod. You may be wondering "what's unusual about putting Cedric Diggory into Hogwarts Legacy?" Well, the thing is, the mod is for a new broom style… with the character's skeleton taking over for the Moon Trimmer broom. 

Some of you guys are messed up from r/HarryPotterGame

If you're playing Hogwarts Legacy, it's probably safe to assume that you're familiar with the Harry Potter films/books as well, and don't need me to tell you why this is extremely cursed. For those who aren't though, Cedric Diggory attended Hogwarts around the same time as the famed wizard Harry Potter and was pretty good at Quidditch. Unfortunately for Cedric, this love of Quidditch would eventually lead to his demise at the hands of Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

I guess TKPoster's (the mod's creator) intention with this one was to immortalize Cedric doing what he loved, they just took it to the extreme. To make it even worse, the creator has said on the mod's page that they're trying to find a way to change the Cedric broom's summoning sound to "MY BOY" - the words the character's father yells when he is confronted with his son's body. 

As surprising as this mod is, it's also pretty hilarious and has a lot of fans on the game's dedicated subreddit. "Genuinely messed up but still couldn’t help but laugh," one user commented under the post. "Thank you for making me imagine the main character traveling forward in time and digging up Cedric Diggory…for this," another added. 

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and debate due to J.K. Rowling's public stance on gender identity, which continues to challenge the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer on the Hogwarts Legacy controversy. 

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