This Breath of the Wild ice arrow trick can put an end to accidental horse death

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Breath of the Wild's ice arrows can put an end to accidental horse death, if you're quick and accurate enough.

If you've been playing Breath of the Wild long enough, you probably know better than to leave your horse near a cliff. Horses are easily startled, and all sorts of loud noises will send them leaping tragically to their deaths, but as long as you've got a bow and an ice arrow equipped, you can prevent these accidents from having an animal toll.

As Redditor TheAmazingDraco demonstrates in this video, if you're quick enough on your feet, you can shoot an ice arrow at your horse to break their fall before it makes impact. It's probably a terrifying few moments for the horse - first falling off a cliff and then being shot by an arrow and frozen solid just before hitting the ground - but at least they're alive. And that's one less visit to the Horse God Malanya for you.

you_can_shoot_an_ice_arrow_at_a_falling_horse_to from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

It's worth reminding in any story like this that Breath of the Wild is approaching its fifth anniversary, and players are still finding little tricks largely unknown to the general public. Sometimes it's an intended feature like this cute little musical flourish that you might've missed or this new updraft technique, and other times it's a glitch that lets Link fly around the map without a paraglider. Though, it's hard to deny that this particular finding is one of the more humanitarian the community has come across, as it could prevent the needless deaths of countless jumpy Eponas.

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