Thief Campaign Collectibles guide

Vittori’s Client Job: The Carnal Connoisseur 

1: The Court of Montonessi: What is There Cannot be Seen
When you enter the Collector’s Lodge, go to the main floor and to the kitchen room at the north end after the staircase. On the north wall will be this painting of a fishcat (?) that you can steal.

2: Whiteridge’s Duty: The Virtuous Lady
When you are in the basement of the Collector’s Lodge, look to the right side of the cabinet and there will be a small painting hanging on the wall. Remove it and for the safe behind it use the combination 812 to open it. Once cracked, open the door to the left of the dials and enter the Collector’s Vault. Push the stone on the wall across from the entrance, under the bear head to find a secret passage under the bear to the right. Climb down and pop open the chest there to get the brooch.

3: Client Loot: Octopuss
When you climb back up the ladder from getting the brooch, go to the cabinet on the right side of the room and pop it open to find the jar that houses the Octopuss inside.

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