These Star Wars Jedi: Survivor droids were designed "specifically to p*** off the player"

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor introduces plenty of new enemies that can pulverise you in an instant if you're not careful; still, it's the unassuming little red robots that are causing a lot of trouble for fans. 

Known as Scavenger Droids, these aren't a threat to Cal. They're quite the opposite, in fact, and will run for the hills if they spot our protagonist and his trusty sidekick BD-1, depriving us of the valuable treasures they carry in the process.

Scavenger Droids are extremely quick, and landing a hit on them is far from easy, so when the Twitter account Daily Star Wars Games asked players to show some love for the little guys, they got a pretty chilly response. One user wrote: "He gets the love of my lightsaber". Another, who's also clearly not a fan, replied: "They are annoying and awful and I hate them."

Jedi: Survivor's senior writer Pete Stewart also had some strong words for the droids. "The treasure droid is a metal rat bastard," he tweeted. "Do not trust the titanium shit. They all thieve and they all lie. They are devious weasel robots. I know this because I wrote their lore. They will pick your body clean before it's even cold. You know it can't be good when the boglings don't trust 'em."

Even so, the Scavenger Droids' lack of popularity certainly isn't a surprise to the team at Respawn as, according to game designer Mitchell F Wolfe they were purposely designed to be incredibly annoying. In a Tweet, Wolfe wrote, "One of my most personal impacts on the game: I designed or at least managed every Scavenger Droid encounter in the game. I designed them specifically to piss off the player. Some appearances of the Scavenger Droids might not piss off the player and I take that personally."

So the next time you feel your blood boiling after one of the little critters has managed to get away from you, you'll know that Wolfe is out there feeling satisfied at a job well done.

Earlier today, Respawn revealed that a new patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is dropping today for new-gen consoles and later this week on PC. As well as introducing several bug fixes, it aims to tackle the technical issues PC players have been experiencing since launch.

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