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These Game of Thrones season 7 images feature a tense Jon Snow/Littlefinger confrontation and Dany’s war council

So, Game of Thrones season 7, episode 2 is coming. We’ve already caught a 20-second glimpse of the episode (titled Stormborn) in a trailer and, following on from that, is a small batch of images that show key players looking over their shoulders, a tense confrontation and characters preparing for two very different kinds of wars…

The six shots, which come straight off the HBO Conveyor Belt of Hype™ are sure to whet the appetite before next week’s offering. Don’t worry, Ed Sheeran’s nowhere to be seen.

If you weren’t sure winter had come to Westeros, that flurry of snow confirms it. Jon Snow and Ser Davos look like they’re on the move. To King’s Landing, perhaps?

Talking of King’s Landing, Dany and her motley crew of allies – that’s Tyrion, Missandei and Ellaria Sand – are preparing something big. Hopefully it involves dragons.

Not all roads in Thrones lead to King’s Landing but, uhh, it looks like Arya is heading there as well, judging by last week. This time, however, she’s diligently watching over her shoulder… but why?

Be still my beating heart. Jon is staring daggers at Littlefinger. We can only hope those metaphorical daggers are replaced with literal ones very, very soon.

Bless Sam’s little face here. He’s cleaning up messes no longer, as it looks like he’s learning under Jim Broadbent’s archmaesterly (I totally invented a word) tutelage.

Sansa, arguably the most enigmatic character left in the show, is staring off into the horizon. What could she be thinking? We might just find out when Stormborn hits screens on Sunday.

Image: HBO

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