These cheap PS5 gift cards are giving you free money, which is weird but awesome

PlayStation gift card
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You can currently pick up PS5 gift cards for up to 10% less as part of CDKeys' Christmas sale. Xbox credit is also included in the offer.

If you've left your present shopping a bit late for the gamer in your life, this might just save your proverbial bacon; there are savings on PS5 gift cards ranging from £10 to £100 available right now. For example, £20 of credit costs just £18.49 at the moment, while £40 is £35.99 via the CDKeys sale. Meanwhile, a £100 card is £89.99. It's essentially free money, which seems a little too good to be true but actually is legit.

While the reductions aren't as great where Xbox credit is concerned, you can still get gift cards for Microsoft's platform at a discount as well. Namely, you can snag £40 for the Xbox store at £36.99 instead. There are plenty of others to take advantage of too, so it's certainly worth a quick browse if you've got the time.

Even if you aren't hunting down gifts for gamers and are intending to buy for yourself, these PS5 gift cards are great value in general - you're basically gaining a few extra quid for nothing. That's particularly handy if there's a game you've been eyeing up on the PlayStation Store, perhaps as part of the PS5 Christmas sale.


£20 PlayStation gift card | £19.99 £18.49 at CDKeys
Save £1.50 - It's not an earth-shattering reduction, but every little helps... particularly if you just want a quick and easy present for a loved one.


£40 PlayStation gift card | £39.99 £36.99 at CDKeys
Save £3 - Again, it's not a massive reduction. But hey, it's free money, so who are we to complain? Well worth a look if you're trying to track down PS5 presents.


£100 PlayStation gift card | £99.99 £89.99 at CDKeys
Save £10 - This is the biggest discount of the lot in terms of PSN credit, and although it costs a lot more up front, you're getting better value overall.

More PS5 gift cards

If those offers are gone or you want to explore other options, we've got our price-matching software on the hunt for reductions below. Check it out if you're trying to secure last-minute PS5 gifts.

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