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These birds are about to make your PS3 and PSP really angry

You may already be acquainted with the Angry Birds, but this week they'll formally be introduced to the world of video game consoles when the runaway iPhone hit makes its way as a downloadable PSP mini title.

So, make no mistake. This isn't a hugely redesigned, high definition Angry Birds excursion. It's pretty much the same game that iPhone users have been playing with for months already, just like most of the PSP minis.

And like all PSP minis, the game is also playable on the PS3. That's for all of you out there who really want to play mobile phone games designed for 4-inch screens but would rather see them stretched out on their 52-inch TV in the living room. We're sure there are a lot of you out there.

Nevertheless, it's a big move for Angry Birds as it finally moves out of the still nascent mobile community and into the world of normal gamers.

There will be a much grander console excursion for the birds later on down the road. Thanks to the game's publisher being bought out by EA, Angry Birds isn't going away any time soon.

For now, all of you who have heard about Angry Birds but don't have one of those newfangled iPhone or Android phones, at least you'll get to see what all the madness is about.

[Source:PlayStation Blog]

Jan 3, 2011