Theroux and Stiller bring back Zoolander

It has been nine years since the first Zoolander taught us some invaluable lessons about the modelling industry.

But it’s never too late for a sequel. Yes, Zoolander 2 is in the works, with Justin Theroux and Ben Stiller co-writing a new fashion-lampooning script. This time, Theroux is all set to direct.

The two have worked together before on Tropic Thunder , which the pair co-wrote and Stiller directed. Theroux also recently scribbled the Iron Man 2 script for Jon Favreau.

The writer says that he plans to attend the fashion week in Paris to “immerse” himself in what is currently en vogue. But he shouldn’t be looking to splash out on too many fancy costumes – Paramount want to make Zoo 2 for a teeny $50m.

How about the rest of the cast? Owen Wilson is yet to be attached to reprise his role as Hansel, but word on the street is that Jonah Hill is in line to play the film’s villain.

Having waited almost a decade, this could be the perfect time for a second Zoolander . Ten years on, and with added wrinkles and (we assume) less hair, could Derek be finding it difficult to stay young and fresh?

The rumoured casting of the very much younger Jonah as the villain seems to support that theory. Official reports state that Derek is now running a modelling agency and looking after his young son; will he be lured back to the catwalk? More when we get it.

Is Zoo 2 for you?

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