There's almost three minutes of new Star Wars: The Last Jedi footage and oh my GOD: so many questions

This year's D23 (think Disney-con) has released a behind the scenes look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi and strap in, there's a lot to process. 

First up, here's the trailer, then let's work through the bombs dropped. The images themselves aren't major spoilers, but if you've been closely following the rumours so far… then it's possible to put things together and feel like you've seen a *little* too much, so proceed as warned if you want to go in unspoiled.

Well, he IS worth it

Okay, not important, but at least we know how Chewie's fur always looks so fabulous. 

It sounds like something BIG is going to go down

It's starting to feel like The Last Jedi could be an Empire Strikes Back level of surprise from director Rian Johnson. First we have Daisy Ridley saying "Ryan has written a story that's unexpected, but right. Some of the stuff that happens, people are going to be like, oh my God." 

That sounds... serious. Then Mark Hamill adds, "even though I think I know it all, they threw things at me story-wise I never could of imagined." John Boyega mentions, "everything is being shifted in the opposite way to what people expected after seven," and Rian Johnson concludes, "I'm hoping it'll be a little bit shocking." Something is definitely going to catch people off guard by the sounds of things. 

That's the shot we've been waiting for

Rey's basically been in limbo since The Force Awakens, holding that lightsaber out. Now we know Luke at least touches it and gives her arm a rest. This also ties into reports the next film starts right at the point the last one ended. 

There's Ren's new cloak

We knew Kylo Ren was supposed to be getting a cape more like grandaddy Vader's, now we see it in its full evil and swishy glory. 

And, again, not so important, but now we know how they keep all those space floors so shiny between takes. Look at dem booties. 

Who the hell are these guys and what are they trying to catch? 

I don't think I've seen those black shoulder markings before, and those extendable claw things look like they have a very specific function. Are they meant to grab or capture something? 

Rey's definitely fighting a sea monster then...

There's been rumours of sea creatures on Luke's new home of Ahch-To, with Rey supposedly fighting one. That definitely looks like Rey (or a stunt double) diving into a water tank. There's also some shots of Rian and the crew in a water-filled set and what looks like Luke in the same place. A trial of some sort? 

For reference, here's a piece of art allegedly depicting the creature Rey or Luke is meant to fight. 

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Finn wakes up

The first The Last Jedi trailer only showed Finn in a bacta tank recovering from having his spine lightsabered out by Kylo Ren. We sort of knew he'd be waking up but this new footage shows him all over the place: in some of sort of flight suit, Poe's jacket and opening up his tank. There's also a shot of him with Rey so we know they meet again by the looks of things. 

We also get a brief glimpse of him behind bars which  match the style of the space casino he's also briefly seen in. Is he captured on a mission or breaking in somewhere secure? More importantly we see him with newcomer Kelly Marie Tran's character Rose Tico in full new First Order uniform!

Why is Kylo Ren having a Lightsaber fight with TWO PEOPLE?

Is he fighting Luke and Rey? Is he meeting some of the Knights of Ren again except they don't get on anymore? The attackers also appear to wielding staves though rather than lightsabers. Are they the Stormtroopers we saw earlier with the claws? Or maybe these guys leaked by recent Lego sets. Note the little mini lightsabers on their blades. There's been talk of Ren returning to the light and Rey turning dark - could this be the shock the cast and director seem to be hinting at? 


They definitely look more like they're using lightsabers. Again, is this the Knights of Ren back in action, or those red guards from the LEGO? Later on a clip shows Daisy apparently practicing fighting with a stave, what's with all the stick action? 

Things don't look that great for Kylo Ren actually

Something very bad clearly happens to Kylo Ren. That's not lightsaber damage though, more blunt force trauma. Does he get hit by something? Crushed by a creature? Is all that talk of unexpected things something to do with what happens to him? 

So that's what those porg bird things look like

One rumour surrounding the upcoming film is that Luke shares his home with bird like creatures called porgs. Supposedly they've reached some sort of agreement with him that doesn't extend to Rey, so they don't like her. There's also talk of an emotional moment between Skywalker and what basically looks like a seal-shaped marketing opportunity. Looks like the new trilogy's ewoks to me. 

"It's about family"

The late, great Carrie Fisher features prominently in the footage. It's not overplayed but her brief interview quote, "it's about family", is a powerful closer, especially with the last shot giving her a final sign off. 

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