There's a new Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer and... holy $#%@ is that a Jaeger-Kaiju HYBRID?

A new trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising has arrived, and this one gives us a bit more of a tease for the overall plot, as well as some answers to questions raised by the first trailer - namely, why did we see several moments of a Jaeger fighting another Jaeger? Shouldn't all the giant robots be on the same side?

Well, apparently not. As one character notes ominously to John Boyega's character, "Someone let them in. Someone from our world." And if an evil Jaeger wasn't bad enough, it also looks like there's... holy crap, a Jaeger-Kaiju hybrid? Several Jaeger-Kaiju! That is both cool as hell and worrying for our heroes.

Personally, I'm getting a major "End of Evangelion" vibe from this. If you're not familiar, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic anime which turned a lot of giant robot genre tropes on their head and its influence has been felt on a lot of media since, including the first Pacific Rim. End of Evangelion is the movie adaptation of the series' ending, which (among many other, more confusing plot points) involves mass-produced monster-robot hybrid units. And maybe my brain is just seeing what it wants to see, but I think the hybrids in Uprising even look similar, with their white armor and slightly elongated heads.

I liked the first trailer for this movie, but it's the new revelations and teases provided by this second trailer that have me giddy with excitement. My biggest criticism would be the overuse of Tupac's "Untouchable," which worked surprisingly well when mixed with the Pacific Rim theme but doesn't fit very well with this new, more generic action movie score.

Even so, I'm ready (war ready) to watch a giant-scale beatdown come March 23.

Sam Prell

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