The world according to Street Fighter [PIC]

Last week Capcom confirmed Super Street Fighter IV, a slight update to this year’s critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV, which will tweak certain fight mechanics as well as add several new characters to the fray. One of those new fighters is Juri, the first Korean character in the series’ 20 year history. This got us thinking, now that South Korea has a star fighter, how many countries are represented by the number one fightin’ franchise?

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The answer: a lot. We decided to honor them all with this super swanky desktop background starring every single character from the main SF series (that’s I~IV, plus Alpha 1~3). Big thanks toFighters Generationfor having all of their sprites pre-ripped, saving us hours of toiling away. It’s a super-cool, cripplingly thorough site for anyone even half interested in the subject matter.

For more on Super Street Fighter IV and several other Capcom titles, be sure to check out tomorrow’s episode ofTalkRadar(72, for those counting), as it’s co-hosted by Capcom’s own Seth Killian.

Oct 8, 2009

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