The Warriors: New screens emerge

The Rockstar PR machine has kicked into life again today with the result of the first proper screenshots of The Warriors. However, in typically enigmatic fashion, the GTA publisher hasn't released any new information on the game.

What we do already know, however, is that the game's storyline is set before the cult classic (and entirely cheesy) 1979 gang flick, which follows New York gang The Warriors as they attempt to escape from the enemy turf of the Upper Bronx back to their home territory of Coney Island, without getting their heads kicked in.

Players take on the role of a member of the posse who is attempting to prove his worth, via the medium of GTA-style free-roaming environments and unmitigated violence.

The combat will centre mostly on beat-'em-up-esque fisticuffs rather than firearms, with an array of different fighting styles on offer. No doubt further details will emerge as E3 week continues apace.

The Warriors is due to be released for PS2 and Xbox in October