The Walking Dead season 7 recap - catch up on every episode

The Walking Dead season 8 kicks off with its premiere (which also happens to be its 100th episode) this weekend. That's a lot of episodes, and it's been a while since we've caught up with Rick, Negan, and the rest, making it easy to forget some of the key events and character developments from season 7. 

That's problematic, as you'll need to know your Dwights from your Daryls and your Hilltops from your Heapsters if you want to stay invested in everything that's going on this season, especially as the pace is likely to significantly ratchet up during the war for Alexandria.

The good news is that we have you covered. Our ultimate recap video clues you up on everything that happened last season, so you can jump into the latest premiere with all the info you need, including who's dead, who's alive, and where things left off between the Saviours and Alexandria. 

You can watch it all in the video above, if you're brave enough to remind yourself of all of the death and dismay that went down after Negan and Lucille made their heart-pounding debut that is...

Whew! Consider yourself officially recapped! As you can see, season 7 was quite the bloodbath, but it ended on a hopeful note as Rick, The Kingdom, and Hilltop continue to prepare for all out war against Negan and his army of Saviours. 

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