The Walking Dead: Morgan is ready for action in new season 7 image

At least one major character in The Walking Dead will meet their end in the season 7 premiere but one of the few people whose head is not currently on the chopping block is Lennie James' Morgan, and Entertainment Weekly have debuted a new image of the staff-wielding pacifist in action. 

It's a little unclear where Morgan is here, although given that he had just met some soldiers from the Kingdom when we last saw him it's a safe bet he's found himself a new community.  

Check it out below...

Most audiences will have to wait until October to find out who is on the receiving end of Lucille, but people involved with the show have already seen who Negan kills. In an interview with, executive producer Greg Nicotero - who directed the episode - admitted their reactions were pretty strong:

"Some of the incoming directors, when they come in, they read all the scripts. As the cuts are available, we want them to see the show because we want them to get a flavor for what we’re doing visually. A couple of people have seen it and then they stand next to me for about 24 hours, going ‘F–k!’ And I’m like, ‘What?"

Season 7 of The Walking Dead will debut on AMC in October 2016.

Images: AMC

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