The Walking Dead finale trailer teases Negan's origins episode

AMC's The Walking Dead has dropped a Negan-heavy teaser ahead of the Season 10C finale. We get a brief glimpse of his life with Lucille (the real Lucille, that is) before Negan became the monster we know and fear. Take a look above.

Only parts of the upcoming episodes will take place in the present day where Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is forced to live alongside Maggie (Lauren Cohan). The rest will take place 12-years earlier while the former Savior lives out the last days of his wife's life, the pair hunkered down in a bunker. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Angela Kang hinted that fans of the comics won't be getting exactly what they read in the books.

"I'll say that it's not exactly the same as what people have read in the page, because to tell you the truth, we've told some of those bits and pieces of story. We didn't show it, but he's talked about his relationship with Lucille to various people," said Kang. "We kind of took little bits and pieces over time. So when we looked at it, we were like, "To do this, we sort of need a very strong way into it. What does it mean for him? And really, like emotionally, what's the story that we can tell?"

Kang went on to mention, "I think that in some ways it's very true to the comic, in that it is true to the spirit of the love that he has for Lucille, but there's a lot in our adaptation that is original to the show, but in a way that I think supports the same sort of emotional journey that I think he takes on the page. So there's some lines that are almost straight out of the book, which people who are comic fans will recognize. And then there's other things where we've made some different choices, but that hopefully will still be really cool."

"Here's Negan" will hit AMC this Sunday, April 4th. Need more of The Walking Dead? Here are the 15 best episodes, ranked

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