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'The Trashmaster' takes GTA IV machinima to new lengths

Meet the Trashmaster: New York City's newest vigilante and the star of Mathieu Weschler's feature length machinima film. Look familiar? That's because this particular crime drama may very well be the most epic piece of GTA IV machinima to ever crawl out from Liberty City.

Clocking in at 88-minutes, The Trashmaster took the french filmmaker over two years to create. It pairs GTA IV's engine and assets with Weschler's talented eye for cinematography to tell the dark tale of a trash collector who moonlights as a self-appointed 'cleaner-upper' of the 'human trash' of New York. When a particularly trashy serial killer starts targeting girls from his favorite strip club... well... you can watch the movie for yourself to find out how it all plays out:

The internet is teeming with expertly made machinima, but few (if any) in recent memory are as meaty or cinematic as this.The Trashmaster was featured at last October's Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal and won favor with the jury at the Festival Atopic de Paris. More importantly, Weschler creation has caught the eye of Rockstar itself, so maybe we'll be seeing more of Weschler's work in future GTA titles. And by 'maybe', we mean 'you should really hire this guy now.'

Jan 11, 2011

[Source: Rockstar Games]