The Tomorrow War final trailer reveals a first look at the aliens Chris Pratt is fighting

With blockbuster season almost upon us, the previews for this summer's biggest pics are coming thick and fast. On the heels of its first trailer in May, a second and final preview for The Tomorrow War has arrivede. 

Chris Pratt continues his reign as sci-fi blockbuster hero, snagging the lead role in The Tomorrow War as Dan Forester. When a group from thirty years into the future returns to the present day with a message: join us, or the human race faces extinction, scientists figure out a way to transport people into the future to fight for mankind's survival. A high school teacher and former Delta Forces operator, Dan joins the fight and makes that quantum leap into the future.

This final trailer dives into the humanity aspect of the movie, focusing on what causes the biggest heartache when facing down an apocalypse. Losing your family. Pratt appears opposite J.K. Simmonds who plays his father, and it seems that he too might time travel alongside his son. 

Absent in the first trailer, the movie's extraterrestrials more than make up for it this time around. While we get the briefest glimpse of these futuristic beasties, they're not the most pleasant of beings who are spotted ravaging the planet. Some of the movie's thematic beats strike eerily close to Independence Day with its sci-fi twist borrowing a little from Edge of Tomorrow. 

Considering who's involved behind the camera, laughter might be on the cards as well. The Lego Movie's Adam McKay makes his live-action debut here. That's not to say blood won't be spilled; talking to our sister magazine Total Film, McKay said he's “pushing the envelope with what you could do in a PG-13 movie”.

McKay directs from a script by Zach Dean, who previously penned movies including Deadfall and 24 Hours to Live. Pratt and Simmonds star alongside Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, Keith Powers, and Sam Richardson.

The Tomorrow War drops on Amazon Prime July 2. Ahead of its arrival, check out our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime that you can watch right now.

Gem Seddon

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