The Suicide Squad battle pass can be smashed through in just 17 hours - as long as you skip all the missions and murder hordes of giant red spiders

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A Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League veteran has figured out how to complete the Season 1 Battle Pass in just 17 hours, and involves a lot of killing bugs.

Battle Passes are typically meant to stick around and be gradually completed over weeks, if not months, but not for this player. In the extensive Reddit writeup below, the Suicide Squad player explains how they can complete all 100 tiers of the Season 1 Battle Pass in an estimated 17 hours, by skipping a truck load of missions and continually slaughtering bugs.

I finished the battlepass (how to complete the battle pass without going insane doing 1,500+ missions) 700bp per 12 minutes (finish in 1 day) from r/SuicideSquadGaming

It all comes down to Cargonauts, the huge red spiders you can find scuttling throughout Metropolis, which give you 70 points towards the Battle Pass whenever slain. The trouble is, they can be a hassle to find and defeat, so the player whacked the game's difficulty down to the lowest level, and stuck to the outskirts of the game's map, since the buildings are typically lower than the built-up middle portion.

Apparently, Suicide Squad's developers have a "habit" of placing one Cargonaut per area, according to the player. This means you can soar over the map with the Joker's traversal ability to find them in different sectors relatively quickly. The player urges others not to hang around and wait - you're more likely to find a Cargonaut if you keep exploring different areas.

If you start at the Hall of Justice, make one continuous loop around Suicide Squad's map, and end right back where you started, you can earn roughly 700 Battle Pass points in around 11 minutes. "If you don't find the bug, move on. It's about being fast," the player concludes, laying the groundwork for others to follow in their very rapid footsteps. This all results in a completed Battle Pass in 17 hours, in theory at least.

If you're wondering why the player is doing all this, look no further than the Joker themselves. "For me, I just wanted the Joker skin really badly. That's my main motivator. And traversing as Joker is genuinely fun. I just wish we had more gameplay diversity and story content. I really thought the main campaign would continue," they write. Let's hope future seasons are enough to keep them coming back.

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