The Sopranos to hit PS2, Xbox 360

Big Pussy might have been dumped off the back of a boat, but you can live out his legacy. Except for the bit about squealing on your pals, anyway. Today, THQ announced that it has a brand-new game based on the HBO mega-hit The Sopranos underway. The game will hit the PS2 and Xbox 360 this Holiday season.

Above: Salvatore 'Big Pussy' Bonpensiero, third from left. Do you want to be this man's son?

While we'll be able to play it at E3 next week, right now all we can reveal is that it puts you in the shoes of Big Pussy's illegitimate son. Striking out on your own, you'll take orders from Tony, Silvio, Christopher and other characters from the TV show - with the same actors you see on screen providing their voices and faces to the game. There's a war on between Philadelphia and New Jersey Mafia families, and it's your perfect opportunity to rise through the ranks.

While we don't have any screens or many deets on the way the game plays, there's no doubt it's going to be as brutally violent and profane as the TV show. If it isn't... THQ will have to answer to us.

May 4, 2006