The Sims 4 teases an English countryside expansion pack

The Sims 4
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The Sims 4 is teasing its next expansion and it looks like it'll be based in the English countryside, which has players wondering if the game will finally add a farming element. 

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Popular Simmers and influencers received a postcard from a fictitious town called Henford-on-Bagley, which sounds a helluva lot like real-world English towns that are quite literally built up around rivers (Newcastle upon Tyne or Stoke-on-Trent, anyone?). The picture on the postcard is a gorgeous watercolor of a stone bridge over a river and several houses dotted along its banks, with ample greenery you'd expect from an English village.

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The back of the postcard features a lovely message that reads "we are so pleased you're joining us in Henford-on-Bagley!" Its writers are certain the recipient will enjoy "the quaint countryside life" and asks them to "visit us at our Garden Stall when you arrive!" It's signed 'A & A Crumplebottom' which confirms the return of an iconic Sims 2 family. The Crumplebottoms are very sophisticated and wealthy, so their posh personalities will fit in well with an English countryside expansion.

Naturally, the mentions of a Garden Stall and the quaint countryside have Simmers wondering if The Sims 4 will finally add a farming gameplay element. Players have longed for a farming expansion pack and frequently request it in Sims forums and on Reddit. Modders have added Sims 4 farming expansions, but there has yet to be an official farming addition from EA. As Sims 4 forums Redditor u/Silverinkbottle writes on a post about the expansion pack: "Farming expansion heavy breathing."

The aforementioned postcard also contains a hint at when we'll learn more about the upcoming Expansion Pack: "I heard the mayor talking about a worldwide tourism video for Henford-on-Bagley premiering June 10 at 8am PT." So, if you're looking to get more information about the upcoming Sims 4 Expansion Pack, head to the official Sims YouTube page on June 10 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST for what will likely be the a proper expansion trailer. As an Anglophile who lived in the UK for several years, I can't wait to see the trailer!

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