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Watch out for Sims peeing fire in the latest Sims 4 update

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The Sims 4 (opens in new tab) just got a brand new update and expansion pack that's all about going green, but more importantly, Sims are peeing fire now.

The terrifying bug was introduced with a sizable new patch preceding the Eco Lifestyle DLC (opens in new tab), available now. It's not uncommon for updates to arrive hiding some unpalatable dysfunction, but this just might take the cake. Among reports of crashes and missing houses, some players have been finding flames (opens in new tab) licking out from their Sims' toilet bowls. A few people have even caught their Sims in the act.

(Image credit: FelineNeko (via Reddit))

The upsetting situation was first flagged by RPS (opens in new tab), who notes that The Sims 4 is exceptionally prone to bug-riddled patches due to its active modding community and custom content. The fact that the latest Sims 4 patch notes (opens in new tab) are so extensive only compounds the problem, and that's how we've ended up where we are. Fire pee.

Anyway, the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack and accompanying patch brought more to The Sims than a painful mutation of a UTI. There's also a new eco-friendly neighborhood called Evergreen Harbor, some useful inventory and UI updates, firefighter NPCs, new build features, and a laundry list of bug fixes. It should be interesting to see how this latest bug is phrased when a fix is inevitably announced in the next patch notes. 'Fixed a bug where Sims were, erm, urinating fire.'

While it's still quite a ways from the visible horizon, The Sims 5 is coming eventually and could include multiplayer features like social interaction and competition (opens in new tab).

Jordan Gerblick
Jordan Gerblick

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