The Quantic Dream Star Wars game is reportedly called Star Wars Eclipse

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Star Wars Eclipse is reportedly the title of the Quantic Dream Star Wars game set in the High Republic era.

During a recent podcast, GiantBomb reporter Jeff Grubb discussed the rumoured Star Wars project, reportedly developed by the Detroit: Become Human developer.

Grubb says that the game is "likely going to show up somewhere soon," with a potential reveal at The Game Awards next month or during Disney's 'Bring Home the Bounty' campaign, where at least one Star Wars game is set to be announced. Grubb claims that the title is "ready to be announced soon," so a reveal "before the end of the year" is a possibility.

Grubb says he's not certain about the details of the game at this point, but he believes it's set during the High Republic era. In a number of Star Wars novels, that's a period roughly 200 years before the events of the films, where the Galactic Republic and the Jedi occupied something of a golden age. So far, the narrative has been marked by exploration of the edges of the galaxy, before the settlement of what's known in the movies as the 'Outer Rim'. Beyond the broad setting, details are pretty scarce, but Grubb also says that the current title of the project is Star Wars: Eclipse.

Rumours of the Quantic Dream Star Wars game surfaced in September, but the game may have been in development for quite a while, especially since the studio's last project is now more than three years old. The studio's narrative style might seem like a strange fit for Star Wars, but it claims it's looking towards a more action-oriented approach, which could offer an interesting take on a galaxy far, far away. 

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