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The Pokemon Center is selling a life-sized Lucario in Japan for $400

Life-sized Lucario plush
(Image credit: The Pokemon Center)

The Pokemon Centre is now selling a life-sized Lucario plush for $400 (46,200 yen) in Japan and it’s weirdly intimidating. 

The 120cm tall (that's just under four feet) plush - with fully-poseable limbs - is available to buy now, but due to being made to order won’t be shipped out until the end of May 2022. Unfortunately, just like the previously mentioned series of giant Pokemon plush, it doesn’t look like the life-sized Lucario is available outside of Japan right now. According to the Japanese Pokemon Center website, those wishing to welcome a child-sized Lucario into their homes will need to order between November 19, 2021 - Thursday, December 16, 2021.

However the website does also state that (translated via DeepLTranslator) "we will stop accepting orders as soon as the expected number of orders is reached, but we may resume accepting orders at a later date." So don’t worry too much if you aren’t able to splash out on a $400 blue son right now. 

While other Pokemon merch tends to be relatively cute and cuddly, Lucario does take on a slightly different vibe. Despite its canine features, the fighting-type Pokemon also has a distinctly anthropomorphic vibe, which the marketing images really take advantage of. Photos show the life-sized Lucario creeping around a door frame, helping with the washing up, and sitting up at the table. He may act just a little too human to find adorable.

This isn’t the first time The Pokemon Center has released a life-sized version of one of its Pokemon as we have also seen a giant Arcanine plush and huge Snorlax and Ditto bean bags.

Encounter Lucario in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes which contain a new endgame activity with Legendary Pokemon. 

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