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The Outer Worlds Slaughterhouse Clive: How to get into the C&P Boarst Factory

The Outer Worlds Slaughterhouse Clive
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The Outer Worlds Slaughterhouse Clive quest is all about getting into a Monarch Boarst factory and taking care of owner Clive Lumbergh. It's a mission you initiate by speaking to Catherine Malin in Fallbrook. For various reasons she wants Lumbergh out of the way and there are a number of ways to both get in the factory and achieve the final goal. You can be as shooty or as nice as you want if you know what to do, so here's how to get into the C&P Boarst Factory and deal with the Slaughterhouse Clive mission.

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How to get into the C&P Boarst Factory

The Outer Worlds Slaughterhouse Clive entrance

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Approaching the front of the C&P Boarst Factory will present you with a number of automechanicals and guards who will shoot you if you step foot inside the restricted area. Over to the right is a sealed entrance, again guarded by two automechanicals. However, if you head left from the main entrance and down into the creek, you'll find a third, unguarded entrance.

Entering through here will lead you to a ladder beneath the cystypig trough, but again, the rest of the facility is a restricted area. So how do you get the Boarst Factory ID Catridge so you can get disguised while inside?

The Outer Worlds Slaughterhouse Clive Boarst Factory ID Cartridge

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Head back to Fallbrook and seek out Duncan Elley, the shopkeeper in the SubLight Dry Goods & Sundry store. You can buy the Boarst Factory ID Cartridge off him, which will allow you to enter the C&P Boarst Factory undetected. Sneak your way to the quest marker at the back of the factory where you'll find Clive Lumbergh, or opt for a method of sabotaging the factory.

Speaking with Clive presents you with a few options; you can kill him like Catherine ordered, you can go back and kill Catherine like Clive wants you to do, or you can try and get the two to work together. Of course, that's the preferential option because you're not a stone cold killer (ignore this if you are, in fact, a stone cold killer), but you'll need high enough speech stats in order to manage it. Good luck!

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