Should you give the Outer Worlds Targeting Module to Graham or Sanjar?

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Of the many decision you can make in Outer Worlds, deciding who to give the targeting module to is a tricky one. Do you chose Graham and the Iconoclasts, or Sanjar and Monarch Stellar Industries?

The decision comes at the end of the Radio Free Monarch quest, and also crosses with the Canid's Cradle quest. The point of no return comes soon after you repair the radio for Hiram and watch the cutscene where the ship crashes. Once that's done you'll be able to pick up the Targeting Module and face down the choice of who to give it to. 

Coming up we're run through the quest to help you decide whether to give it to Graham or Sanjar, helping out the Iconoclasts, or Monarch Stellar Industries respectively. Be warned, there are spoilers below for a quest mid-way through the game. 

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How to get the best ending

The Outer Worlds Sanjar or Graham

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In order to get the best ending for the Canid's Cradle quest, there's something you need to have discovered first. If you found the evidence of Graham being responsible for the Amber Heights massacre in the past, you're able to speak with Zora about it and confront Graham. If not, you can keep Graham as leader of the Iconoclasts. Either way, if your speech skills are high enough, you can convince the Iconoclasts to negotiate with MSI, as long as you can convince Sanjar to do the same thing.

If you can convince both parties to agree to negotiate, head to the church just outside of Stellar Bay and oversee the negotiation. Doing this can ensure you maintain peace between both parties, and a number of the Iconoclasts can move into Stellar Bay.

Giving the Targeting Module to Sanjar or Graham/Zora

The Outer Worlds Sanjar or Graham

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If you decide to give the module to one or the other, your reputation will soar to revered with the faction you pick, but you'll be hated by the other because you have to murder basically their entire faction. In the case of Sanjar, you'll also receive the MSI Saltuna Searer; a unique plasma flamethrower, while Graham will give you The Good Word, a unique light machine gun. Persuading both factions to get along is – as you'd expect – the optimal outcome, but if you really dislike either MSI or the Iconoclasts, now you know what the rewards are. You'll also get either faction's help during the final mission, and if you make them negotiate, they'll both help you out!

The Outer Worlds tips | The Outer Worlds companions | The Outer Worlds  Science Weapons | The Outer Worlds  Factions | The Outer Worlds best guns

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