The new Spider-Man PS4 trailer has Mary Jane, Shocker, Kingpin and more familiar faces

Spider-Man for PS4 (or "Marvel's Spider-Man" as it now appears to be called) wowed everyone when it debuted at E3 2016. Then, at E3 2017, a gameplay trailer heavy on QTEs and scripted events made fans concerned about how open-ended the game would be. Hopefully you're ready to be wowed again, because the story trailer released as part of Sony's Paris Games Week conference is reeeal nice.

For one, it gives us the clearest look at the game's story thus far: Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin, is behind bars, and crime is down. Just as Peter Parker thinks he can start to live a normal life and give up the webs, a new syndicate starts to cause trouble. These new baddies are run by Mr. Negative, the villainous alter-ego of Martin Li. The doubly-bad news for Parker is that his Aunt May volunteers at a charity shelter run by Li, putting her in danger.

This trailer is our first look at Parker out of costume, as well as Aunt May and a redhead girl who I think we can safely assume is Mary Jane (unless developer Insomniac decides to pull the same nonsense that Disney did with Spider-Man: Homecoming).

Meanwhile, Miles Morales (who is also Spider-Man in the comics) shows up to help out at the shelter, and Norman Osborn (the human side of the Green Goblin) is running for Mayor. We also get a good look at Fisk as he's being hauled away, and Shocker pulling off a bank heist. When we see Parker's apartment, there's even a poster showing Parker's first fight, a wrestling match against Crusher Hogan.

Unfortunately, still no release window beyond "2018". Plenty of time to watch this trailer a few more times and hunt for Easter eggs and references.

Sam Prell

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