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The new Alien: Covenant trailer has at least 6 things that will kill you horribly

The new trailer for Alien: Covenant has landed and, if it’s any indication of the final cut, the Alien franchise has gone back to its roots to deliver the creepy atmosphere, facehugger jump scares, and big ol' Xenomorphs that made the original movies horror household names.

The trailer begins in the least horror-movie way of all time: the crew of the Covenant are setting out to colonise an uninhabited planet with couples in tow like a Noah’s Ark full to the brim with gooey aliens. Upon landing, however, they find wheat and… OH GOD ALL THE THINGS THAT WILL KILL THEM. 

Let's run through the list: 

Spores. Being crushed ominously. That definitely  won't lead to face-melting or violent ejection of internal organs

Ah, face hugger o'clock. We were wondering when you'd turn up. 

Then there's the twofer of 'backs don't do that' and 'ink vomit', sure signs that you've gone past a couple of pain killers being any help.

Then there's this new albino-ish xenomorph. Lashy. 

And finally, a classic Xenomorph. Just in case there's anyone left not eaten/dissolved/ripped to pieces. 

Seriously, that xenomorph is not letting *anyone* get away. 

Image: 20th Century Fox

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