The Mandalorian shares new concept art from Chapter 2, and yes, there's Baby Yoda

(Image credit: Disney)

The official Star Wars Twitter account shared a series of concept art images from Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian, and the internet is (still) going bonkers over Baby Yoda. Not that we blame them one bit - Baby Yoda is pretty stinkin' cute - but even concept art utterly void of "the Child" is impressive in the way it captures the distinctly Star Warsian tone captured by The Mandalorian.

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The official concept art, which closely resembles the actual scenes from Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian, is credited to six different artists: Jama Jurabaev, Doug Chiang, John Park, Christian Alzmann, Ryan Church, and Nick Gindraux. Some of the images are joint efforts by two artists, while others are the work of a single artist.

Some of the subjects featured in the dynamic concept art include the prehistoric-looking 'Mudhorn,' which was introduced in The Mandalorian's second episode, The Mandalorian sitting across from the "I have spoken" guy inside a cave, and of course, adorable Baby Yoda looking over the shoulder of our titular hero.

We're still only two episodes into the new Disney Plus series, with episode 3 of The Mandalorian going live on Friday, but Jon Favreau has already shared the first shot of season 2. The shot isn't anything revolutionary, but it's a nice reminder that season 2 isn't too "far, far away."

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