The latest Destiny 2 cheese lets you punch bosses into space and it's amazing

(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 players recently uncovered the mother of all boss cheeses, which has been lovingly nicknamed the pocket finish. The glitch made the rounds on Reddit before popping up on YouTube thanks to JB3, and players have run wild with it since. I think this compilation from BakenGangsta is the best showcase: 

So, what's happening here? Well, compared to past cheeses, this one's actually remarkably simple. To trigger the pocket finish glitch, you just have to melee right before doing a finisher attack as a Hunter or Titan (sorry Warlocks). This will essentially bank - or pocket - your finisher animation, and the next time you do a melee attack, you'll perform your pocketed finisher. Finisher animations are quite forceful, so doing this to a boss can send them flying if you angle it right. As evidenced from the video above, this even works on giant Metal Gear-style raid bosses.

To the best of my knowledge, Bungie hasn't fixed this glitch as of November 25, and I'm delighted to see that because this is amazing. First of all, this is yet another chapter in the storied tradition of cheesing Destiny bosses off ledges. Destiny players have been pushing bosses into the great beyond since the Vault of Glass, using everything from fusion grenades to Titan bubbles to get the job done, so it's great to see finishers added to the list. 

More importantly, this glitch gives Guardians a chance at some long-overdue revenge. For years, bosses have used their stupid, asinine stomp attacks to send us flying whenever we try to use melees, shotguns, swords, or other close-range options. Or just whenever they feel like it, or if you get too close, and by too close I mean in the same hemisphere (not that I'm bitter or anything). Finally, we can give those bosses a taste of their own medicine. How does it feel? 

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