The Last of Us TV show wraps filming tomorrow, features the original Joel and Ellie

Last of Us TV Show at Summer Game Fest
(Image credit: HBO Max)

The Last of Us TV show is about to wrap filming and it'll feature the return of original Joel and Ellie actors, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

This was all revealed during today's Summer Game Fest, which concluded with a list of reveals around The Last of Us universe. In a surprise appearance, The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann showed up on stage to talk about various projects, including the upcoming HBO adaptation. It was then that he revealed that filming on The Last of Us TV show will wrap tomorrow, June 10, meaning it'll soon go into post-production ahead of its premiere. "It's closer than you might think" Druckmann teased.

Druckmann also revealed that he directed an episode of the series and showed off a still from that very episode (above), which looks to be an adaptation of the museum scene from The Last of Us where Tess is bitten and infected.

Soon afterward, Baker and Johnson joined Druckmann on stage to reveal that they would be playing roles in The Last of Us TV show, though it's important to note right away that they likely won't be playing protagonists Joel and Ellie again - those roles are of course being portrayed by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. The actors didn't disclose which characters they will be portraying, but assured that they're playing "real roles."

During the show, Druckmann also revealed that a standalone multiplayer Last of Us game is in the works, and it's set in San Francisco. Finally, the director announced that work is underway on a brand new, unannounced Naughty Dog game.

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