The Last of Us episode 2 is breaking everybody's hearts all over again

The Last of Us TV show
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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for The Last of Us episode 2! Turn back now if you haven't seen the new episode yet! 

The Last of Us episode 2 has adapted one of the game's most heart breaking moments: the death of Tess. While the show made some key changes to the scene – most notably that creepy, tendril-laced kiss – the emotional impact is the same, as fans have taken to the internet to pay tribute to the beloved character. 

Tess, after contracting Cordyceps, sacrificed herself to ensure Joel and Ellie escaped from a horde of infected. Before they left, though, Tess gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of getting Ellie to the Firefly doctors who could use her immunity to create a cure, as well as her feelings for Joel. 

"THEY MADE TESS' DEATH EVEN SADDER WHAT THE HELL HBO Anna Torv's performance was heart breaking," is one devastated fan's reaction (opens in new tab). Another person agrees (opens in new tab): "I think that was so much worse than the game. Pour one out for the homegirl Tess" 

"God the change from soldiers killing Tess to the mob of infected… this episode has yet again proven how much care and heart was put into this series… such a love letter to the ones who played the game like myself," thinks another fan (opens in new tab)

"Tess' speech in #TheLastOfUs was incredible, another huge gut punch that was incredibly adapted from the game," says someone else (opens in new tab)

"The despair Tess showed after the museum was unnerving, we knew what was coming but it wasn't any easier," is another person's reaction (opens in new tab). "This was written beautifully, with great attention to detail. Ellie's denial and Joel's lack of any meaningful reaction gives great insight on their personality. It was perfect!"

Someone else (opens in new tab) spotted a tearjerker of a parallel with Joel's daughter, who was killed in the The Last of Us premiere: "I love how Tess said 'just a twisted ankle' initially, same thing that Sarah said." 

Other fans are particularly upset by Tess's apparently unrequited feelings for Joel. "Naw cuz they were sick and twisted for having Tess confirm that she loved Joel AND that he didn’t feel entirely the same way (or he did but never did anything about it) and THEN have that clicker come closer to kissing Tess than Joel ever did like," says one person (opens in new tab), while another says (opens in new tab): "Tess saying she never asked Joel to feel the way she felt I'm sorry but if she went out thinking he didn't love her I'm going to scream into the void forever"

You can get up to speed on the rest of The Last of Us episode 2's changes from the game with our guide through the link – and keep up to date with the show with our The Last of Us release schedule

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