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The Last of Us fan creates custom PS5 faceplates

The Last of Us 2
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

A dedicated fan of The Last of Us has customized their PS5 so that it fits the themes of the game.

The faceplates, that were originally shared by Reddit user u/Noctography in the r/thelastofus subreddit, feature what looks like bricks covered in moss which reminds us of the dilapidated towns that Joel, Ellie, and co visit during their travels. The design also incorporates the instantly recognizable Fireflies logo and the game’s title too. 

You can see the original post from Instagram below.

In the comments of the post, other fans praised the creation stating that they wished that Sony made official The Last of Us faceplates, and that they were “mega-impressed that it’s still functional and isn’t overheating.” 

The Last of Us subreddit has provided plenty fan creations and discoveries lately including that Abby’s face model cosplayed as the character, you can collect a tonne of supplies at an early and easily missable section of the game, and that Laura Bailey was actually in the first The Last of Us game too. 

Another recent and impressive fan creation that was shared to the subreddit was a mockup design of actor Pedro Pascal as Joel in The Last of Us HBO series, which he was recently confirmed to be cast in

Custom PS5 faceplates are also nothing new either, with unofficial black faceplates surfacing online all the time, and whole companies dedicated to the trend popping up all over the world. This isn’t to say that Sony is too pleased with this idea though, as they have had to demand companies to cease production and threatened legal action in the past. 

Unfortunately for the rest of us though, it looks as though u/Noctography’s The Last of Us faceplates were simply a project for themselves.

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