The Last of Us episode 7's Mortal Kombat scene was a "huge thrill" for fighting game legend Ed Boon

Storm Reid as Riley and Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us
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Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon says The Last of Us episode 7's Mortal Kombat scene was a "huge thrill" for him.

Firstly, we will be discussing light spoilers for the latest episode of The Last of Us on HBO, so if you aren't up to date, turn back and run like a clicker's on your tail. 

Storm Reid as Riley in The Last of Us

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If you have seen episode 7, then you'll know it largely consists of one big flashback where we get to see Ellie before her first bite from an infected. The bittersweet sequence shows Ellie and her close friend Riley (Storm Reid) gallivanting through an abandoned mall, parts of which Riley had managed to send power to and get operating. The arcade scene is a highlight of the episode, giving us a look at what normal life looks like for a couple of kids in The Last of Us' world.

At one point, Riley starts up an old Mortal Kombat arcade and faces off against Ellie for a few matches. Despite getting destroyed by a the more-experienced Riley, Ellie is utterly giddy - not unlike Boon after watching the episode.

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Soon after Boon shared the above reaction, The Last of Us showrunner and the games' director, Neil Druckmann, responded (opens in new tab) by saying he'd been "waiting for you to see it," and thanked Boon "for making all the times I skipped school so awesome!"

This whole interaction is incredibly wholesome on multiple levels. From Boon's perspective, he got to see the game he helped bring to life appear in his favorite TV show, and Druckmann got to hear one of the key creatives behind a treasured childhood pastime heap praise on his work. Good stuff all around.

For more on the latest episode, here's our breakdown of The Last of Us episode 7 and the biggest changes between the show and the game.

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