Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross play characters in The Last of Us 2, and we've only just noticed

Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann gestures on stage.
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The Last of Us 2 fans have only just discovered voice cameos from the game's two narrative leads, Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross. 

Before we go any further, consider this your first and final warning that the scene contains major spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2, so don't read any further if you haven't yet beaten the campaign. All good? Okay. 

Druckmann and Gross' voices can be found towards the end of the campaign, during the last section of Seattle Day 3 as Abby, as she enters the theatre where Ellie, Dina, Tommy, and Jesse are cooped up. 

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Head into the projector room, and you'll hear two WLF voices chatting over the radio, confirming that their leader, Isaac, is dead, and begging for reinforcements for their assault on the Seraphite's island.

One eagle-eared player found the voices familiar, and wondered aloud on Reddit whether it might be uncredited performances from Druckmann and Gross themselves. Not long after posting it, Druckmann replied underneath, saying "Good ear", seemingly confirming our suspicions.

The cameos are just one of dozens of The Last of Us 2 Easter eggs found throughout the campaign, but it's quite something for fans to have taken this long, three months after the PS4 exclusive's release, to have discovered such a major secret hiding in plain sight.

Now we're wondering if there are any more we might have missed… In the meantime, check out our official review of the game in the video below.

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