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The Last of Us 2 fan spots some intricate foreshadowing

The Last of Us 2
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

A fan of The Last of Us and its sequel has picked up on some intricate foreshadowing throughout the two games.

In the video you can see just below from YouTube channel Speclizer, a slate of plot details between The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2 are analyzed in great detail. For example, the video notes that, in the original 2013 game from Naughty Dog, Ellie reveals to Sam that her worst fear is ending up alone, a fate which ends up befalling her at the very end of the 2020 sequel. 

Elsewhere in the video from Speclizer, there's other tiny details that don't mean much until you put them in context against the wider series. When Manny is getting patched up in the hospital in Seattle, for example, he jokes that he only needs three fingers, and three fingers is all that Ellie's left with on one hand after her final bout against Abby.

You'll definitely want to watch the full video from Speclizer for some other hidden details. This isn't the first time the channel has unearthed some mysteries and hidden aspects of Naughty Dog's two games either, as they previously discovered that Abby can accidentally murder Bear the dog if she's a little careless with her explosives. That's one secret you might not want to uncover for yourself.

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