The Last of Us 2 Collector's Edition is the perfect gift, and it's $30 off

The Last of Us 2 Collector's Edition
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The Last of Us 2 Collector's Edition is a glorious bundle that includes some really thoughtful physical items and fun digital bonuses, and it's $30 off at Best Buy.

Still looking for the perfect present for your favorite gamer? Or more likely, can you simply not live without that incredibly detailed 12" Ellie figurine? Then don't miss this deal on The Last of Us 2 Collector's Edition, which comes packed with digital and physical goodies along with the game.

The star of the show, in my opinion, is the Ellie statue, but you also get a steelbook case, 48-page mini artbook, a replica of Ellie's bracelet, a lithograph art print and thank you letter, and some stickers and pins. Digital bonuses include a PS4 theme, avatars, the digital soundtrack, and digital artbook.

If you order fast enough, you might still be able to have it delivered by Christmas, or you can check stock at any physical Best Buy location - it wasn't hard for me to find several locations with stock nearby.

The Last of Us 2 Collector's Edition | $169.99 $139.99 at Best Buy

The Last of Us 2 Collector's Edition | $169.99 $139.99 at Best Buy
Depending on whether or not you've played The Last of Us 2, this lovely Collector's Edition is either an excellent excuse to replay a great game, or the ideal entry point. Get it for $30 off its normal price just in time for the holidays.

It's also a great time to get yourself the other versions of The Last of Us 2, as both have been heavily discounted. The Standard edition is down to just $30 ($30 off), while the Special edition, which gets you the mini artbook and steelbook case, is on sale for $50 ($30 off).

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