The internet is having way too much fun 'shopping Thanos' face from the Infinity War trailer

We know you've watched the Avengers: Infinity War trailer by now - heck, if you're like us, you've probably watched it a few (dozen) times, analyzing it frame-by-frame. While many were content to see 10 years of films culminating in a superhero smackdown of epic proportions, some went... a little further. 

Like digitally gluing facial hair onto Thanos' face and changing the MCU's ultimate bad guy into a purple-skinned Joss Whedon, Bruce Willis, and a really buff Homer Simpson, among many others. Below you'll find some of the best ways that the internet has turned Marvel's Mad Titan into less of a planet-threatening menace and more of a... well, you'll see.

Homer Simpson

Not much to say about this one other than 'Mmmm, Infinity Donut…'

Joss Whedon

We loved Whedon back in 2011 for his work on the first Avengers. Since then, he's become something of a villain in many comic fans' eyes. He reportedly clashed with higher ups during the making of Age of Ultron, and now DC fans claim he ruined Justice League. But whether you hate Whedon or revere him, there's no denying a bit of family resemblance here.

Bruce Willis

I told you he looked like cartoon Bruce Willis! I told you!

Rick Harrison

This one might take a bit of explaining, especially if you're not from the US. See, we have this reality TV show called Pawn Stars, which follows a Las Vegas pawn store family business run by a guy named Rick Harrison. He's known for his stereotypical 'tough guy' attitude and low-balling would-be sellers on their merchandise. So maybe not quite a villain for the Avengers, but maybe this version of Thanos could cross paths with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Henry Cavill's CG mouth from Justice League

Maaaaybe not the Marvel / DC crossover fans were hoping for.

Nusret Gokce, AKA Salt Bae

Okay, you got me - this isn't a photoshop job, but it's so good that I couldn't pass up showing it to you. Nusret Gokce is a Turkish chef who became a viral sensation thanks to video of him delicately sprinkling salt onto steak, earning him the nickname "Salt Bae". His unique pose, passion for cooking, and charming good looks combined to make Gokce a sensation, and now Thanos looks ready to follow suit as Infinity Stone Bae.

A Minion

I'm so sorry.

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