The hard-to-put-down Deep Rock Galactic roguelike has already killed over 36 million Dwarves, but rest assured, "management is happy with your performance"

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor
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If I've learned one thing covering Steam games over the past decade or so, it's that people love porn. If I've learned two things, the other is that people love games featuring Dwarves. Deep Rock Galactic has had players singing 'rock and stone' for years, and its Vampire Survivors-style spinoff has been no less popular. Just over a month after the start of Early Access, the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor devs have unleashed a host of stats detailing how players have been getting along so far.

Top line? 36,850,079 Dwarves have dropped but never returned - yet with 9,037,541,252 gold and 3,886,238,739 Nitra mined, "management is happy with your performance." The full infographic over on Steam is filled with similarly fun stats and big numbers, including the fact that 94,220,323 miners have hit the drop pod.

If you like more practical numbers, here's one - Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has now surpassed 1 million units sold, with 13,626,025 hours logged since launch. We've already known that this spin-off has been quite successful, since it took the original DRG a year to move 500,000 copies and just a week for Survivor to do the same.

The power of the Dwarf is such that DRG and Dwarf Fortress combined their powers earlier this year to make 'Dwarf' a tag on Steam, and I suspect there's no limit to what beardedkind can now achieve. With the Deep Rock Galactic devs now angling for some kind of collab with Helldivers 2, the Dwarves are poised for even greater frontiers. 

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