Steam's most wholesome dwarf game took a year to shift 500,000 copies, but its roguelike spin-off managed the same feat in just a week

Deep Rock Galactic
(Image credit: Ghost Ship Games)

It took Steam's most wholesome dwarf game one year to shift 500,000 copies, though releasing a roguelike spin-off hit the same milestone in one week. 

That comes from Ghost Ship Games CEO Søren Lundgaard on Twitter, one of the many forces behind dwarf 'em up Deep Rock Galactic and its roguelike spin-off Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. 

Reflecting on the success of the Vampire Survivors-like spin-off, Lundgaard says the Early Access launch was met with 500,000 shipments flying off the virtual shelves in just one week. 

Looking ahead, Lundgaard says many more hotfixes are on the way to smoothen the experience and "address various issues with the game."

"A massive shoutout to everyone who takes time out of their day to send us bug reports and error logs that help us track down these bugs," the developer says on Steam. "We know there are still a ton of things to fix, but thankfully, that is what Early Access is for, and we hope you will stick with us on this journey."

As for new content, there's plenty to come, though you'll have to wait a wee bit longer. At the time of writing, the Deep Rock Galactic roadmap says we're getting a new biome soon, and new bosses and "awesome" missions later.

"Work on the first content update is already well underway," the Steam blog continues. "The sharp-eyed Scouts among you will have noticed a Roadmap on the Steam store page. We'll post it below for good measure. The top part of the roadmap is a list of things we'd like to add to the game in the coming weeks and months, but these sections are very much subject to change, and they are not in order of priority."

Deep Rock Galactic Survivors is out now on Steam in Early Access.

'Dwarf' is now a tag on Steam following silly yet "very serious" demands from Dwarf Fortress and Deep Rock Galactic devs.

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