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The Green Knight trailer shows off Dev Patel's breathtaking new fantasy film

Dev Patel in The Green Knight
(Image credit: A24)

A new trailer for David Lowery's highly anticipated new movie The Green Knight has arrived, and it's breathtaking. 

The Green Knight trailer is full of stunning imagery, which should come as no surprise with Lowery at the helm. He is regarded as one of the best visual storytellers with works like Ain't The Bodies Saints, A Ghost Story, and Pete's Dragon. In the trailer, there is a talking fox and plenty of cinematic shots of the star of the movie, Dev Patel. You can watch the trailer below. 

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The Green Knight is based on the tale of Sir Gawain and the titular character. In the tale, a Green Knight arrives in King Arthur's court with a challenge for anyone to try and strike him, but there is a catch, as the person would have the blow returned to them in a year and a day. Patel stars as Sir Gawain, who accepts the terms and believes he won't face any future issues when he successfully slices the emerald being's head off. However, that changes when the Green Knight picks up his own head and reminds Gawain that he will see the blow returned to him. 

The medieval fantasy also stars Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Sarita Choudhury, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Barry Keoghan, and Ralph Ineson. 

Patel's The Green Knight is currently slated to finally hit theaters on July 30, after it was delayed due to the ongoing global pandemic. 

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