The Great Fairies' suggestive sounds got one Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player in trouble over "adult content"

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is as family-friendly as they come, but as one unfortunate player discovered, to your neighbours, it can sound like something else entirely - something most definitely NSFW.

The Zelda fan recounted their cringeworthy yet hilarious tale in a video clip shared on Twitter by @ImoMellor. As the player, Jiayang, explains, they recently received an email from their landlord reminding them of "the importance of maintaining a considerate environment for all residents".

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It turns out that the landlord had received a complaint from another tenant about the sounds of "adult content" coming from Jiayang's apartment. After a brief period of being absolutely bamboozled by the situation, the player released that what their neighbour thought was adult content was actually the suggestive noises the Great Fairies make in Tears of the Kingdom.

"Then it clicked," Jiayang says. "I've been playing Tears Of The Kingdom every day since it came out, and I've been trying to upgrade all my armor." They then play a snippet of the loud moans the Great Fairies make when you repeatedly interact with them, which we must admit could easily be mistaken for something a lot less wholesome. The video ends with Jiayang saying, "So they think I was know. But I was just playing Zelda!"

We're not sure what they did, but we like to think that they restored their reputation by letting their neighbour and landlord know they were innocently playing a Switch game. And if not, let's hope they remember to keep the volume down the next time they visit a Great Fairy for an armour enhancement!

If you're in need of a defence boost or just want some serious judgement from your neighbours, check out our guide on how to upgrade armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and find all the Great Fairies.

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