The Getaway movie confirmed

Sony's Ami Blaire, speaking recently about The Getaway: Black Monday, said: "Team Soho has reached new heights in The Getaway with its unique cinematic narrative and realistic portrayal of London. Building on the success of the critically acclaimed original, The Getaway: Black Monday gives players the ambience and realism of film."

So perhaps it comes as little surprise then to learn than the movie-inspired Getaway is in fact lined up to inspire a movie of its own, with Sony Pictures having confirmed that they are currently working on a Getaway film.

While no details about it have been released yet, you'd be a right bleedin' muppet not to realise that it's going to follow the mould of classic British gangster flicks such as Get Carter and The Italian Job. We'll bring you more details on the Getaway movie as soon as we have 'em.