The games that will define PlayStation 3


What is it?
Infamously revealed in Sony's barrage of "target footage" at E3 2005, Killzone PS3 is the sequel to Sony's PS2 shooter set during an interplanetary future war.

There's few solid details, beyond boasts from Sony suits, but we're expecting a breakneck blasterpiece of epic proportions. Anything less and there'll be rioting in the streets.

Why should you care?
PS2's Killzone has many critics, but we loved its weighty feel and loud, explosive action. Now developer Guerilla Games has next-gen tech to play with, Killzone 's cover-dependant gameplay ought to receive an excitement boost thanks to the possibilities of destructible obstacles and fully deformable battlefields.

Better still, with drop-in online co-op emerging as a popular trend, don't be surprised if you can battle the Helghast resistance along with a friend. We're certain Killzone will look stunning on PS3 - just look at MotorStorm, which manages to measure up quite favorably against the 2005 teaser trailer.

Gamers won't accept anything but a blockbuster from Killzone, and Sony will move heaven and earth to make sure we get it.

When can you play it?
Recent rumors have suggested that not only will Killzone launch on PS3 later this year, but that a demo of the game will appear on the PlayStation Network during the summer. Of course, this is just speculation.

We're pinning our hopes on this Christmas, but failing that Killzone could appear at any time over the next two years.

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