The games that will define PlayStation 3


What is it?
A jungle-set action adventure, brought to your PS3 by the creative team behind Jak %26 Daxter, developer Naughty Dog.

With what looks like a mix between Pitfall style clambering, Gears of War -esque cover-and-shoot gameplay andwho knows what other goodies, Uncharted has an odd name but plenty of potential.

Why should you care?
The first trailer, which you can see over at Naughty Dog's official site, suggests we can expect Tomb Raider- ish far-flung exploration, though far better blasting action than Lara's ever achieved seems to be in the offing too.

At best, all we can conjure to explain the game is a ream of comparisons - but with the Jak %26 Daxter boys at the helm, Uncharted will surely be anything but derivative.

With an impressively detailed jungle environment, what looks like a healthy dose of gun-battle scrapes, blockbuster sequences and asuperb hand-to-hand combat system, Uncharted certainly has the features to be a real winner. While leading the action is Drake, an expressive gent who makes use of PS3's expansive facial animation abilities.

We recommend you keep your eyes on this little treasure.

When can you play it?
Unfortunately, despite being aired a few times now, there's not even a sniff of a predicted launch date for Drake's Fortune. 2008 would be our bet, but there's nothing to suggest it won't appear even later than that.

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