The games that will define PlayStation 3


What is it?
A PS3-only edition of possibly the most punishing action game ever made, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is hack-'n'-slash gaming distilled into exhausting, but thrilling combat chaos.

Why should you care?
Bolstered by a new playable character - the axe-wielding, top-heavy Rachel - Sigma has new weapons, new levels and new moves on PS3, in addition to a wholesale visual overhaul from the original Ninja Gaiden 's Xbox outing.

In other words, one of Xbox's best games just got a hell of a lot better, and skipped ship to Sony in the process. But the real reason you should go wild for Ninja Gaiden is the mind-blowing pace and scope of the action. Some bosses are gigantic, requiring elite finger-skills and a ninja's concentration to vanquish, while the beautifully flowing combat has real, pleasing weight and impact.

Plus, this is a game that forces your character to wear a pink armband if you chicken out and opt for the still-merciless 'Easy' mode. Challenging, epic, satisfyingly vicious and with a sense of humor? Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be massive.

When can you play it?
Tecmo stopped by today and said we should look for Ryu late this summer in the US.