The Flash's original ending has leaked – and it would have been a perfect way to set up the new DC universe

The Flash
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The original ending of The Flash has seemingly been leaked – and it would have been the best way to say farewell to the DCEU.

The Audience Reactions YouTube channel has uploaded a version of the closing moments of The Flash (which we can independently verify is real) from a June 1 screening. You can see it for yourself below.

The final scene of The Flash is pretty close to what we ended up seeing in theaters. After Barry’s father is exonerated, Bruce Wayne calls Barry outside the courthouse.

It’s here where things diverge slightly. Instead of George Clooney stepping out of the vehicle, it’s an unseen figure – presumably a way to explain why there's a new Batman in The Brave and the Bold – leaving Barry to reply: "Who the fuck is this?" before the movie cuts to black.

Honestly? It’s better than what we got. The Flash – and, in effect, the DCEU – ending with a goofy shot of Barry losing his tooth may have been a decent joke, but this original ending comes bundled with intrigue – and an easy mic drop to set up the new DCU.

With the confusion over the DCU/DCEU still raging (some characters are seemingly being recast, while others are not)  it would have been a neat way to explain why James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU Chapter One features some holdovers from the original DCEU universe. Instead of that merging of the two universes, we got a cheap gag, a loose tooth, and a missed opportunity. 

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