The first Game of Thrones season 8 behind-the-scenes pic shows Cersei… wearing Dany’s hair?

(Image credit: HBO)

Things are already revving up for Game of Thrones season 8. Filming will soon be getting under way and that means Lena Headey – Cersei Lannister to you and me – has been given ample time to perfect her not-so-flowing locks in the props and wig department. This behind-the-scenes shot, though, shows she’d rather just mock Daenerys…

As you can see above, Headey is a proponent of the drama school style of ‘Hair and teeth, darling.’ The wig, though? That’s just plain wrong. Dany’s bleach blonde highlights don’t quite suit the scowl of Cersei but, hey, it does mean we could be seeing Cersei change up her look a little more this season. Her hair is probably due to grow back any day now…

Flanking Cersei are makeup and hair designers Kevin Alexander and Candice Banks, who have been with the show’s production since the very beginning. If someone was undergoing a bit of a re-think in terms of design then these are the people you’d have by your side. Just saying…

If you’re all thinking this is *only* a jape and a dig at Dany though, then have I got news for you. Tin foil hat on: It ACTUALLY 100% means that Cersei will be scalping Dany in the final season, and this is all a metaphor for Cersei remaining on the Iron Throne and being revealed to be a secret Targaryen. Or they just found some wigs in an old prop cupboard. Who knows?

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Image: HBO

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