The first concept art from Half-Life 2: Episode Three

The web is abuzz over what some believed to be the firstconcept art (opens in new tab)of Half-Life 2: Episode Three from an exhibit of video game art calledInto the Pixel (opens in new tab). And some are so wrong. The first concept art from Valve’s episodic blockbuster actually appeared in the pages ofPC Gamer (opens in new tab)magazine in our November 2007 issue!

That was our cover story and review of The Orange Box (opens in new tab), and our exclusive render showed what appeared to be a group of Advisors floating in what we presume to be the icebound Borealis, a research vessel that was once operated by our friends atAperture Science (opens in new tab).

Here (opens in new tab)is the image we ran in the magazine last year, plus we’re throwing in another concept render that we’d been saving for a rainy day. It’s not raining today – in fact, a large portion of California happens to beon fire (opens in new tab)– but whatever. You either want to see them, oryou don’t (opens in new tab).

Jul 10, 2008