The Fanboys saga rolls on

The story of Fanboys seems to have been with us for generations. Or maybe it only feels that way… See, back in 2006, The Weinstein stumped up the cash for Kyle Newman to make the film, which sees a group of geeks (including Jay Baruchel, Good Luck Chuck’s Dan Fogler, Superman Returns’ Sam Huntington and Heroes' Kristen Bell) plotting to sneak their sick friend into Skywalker Ranch to see The Phantom Menace before he dies of cancer.

The film was finished, and, after some disappointing test results, it languished. Re-shoots were ordered and Little Nicky director Steve Brill was brought it to tone down the cancer storyline. But even before that, cuts of the movie had been shown at conventions and elsewhere and a minor uprising among the, erm, fanboys occurred, calling for the original film to be released.

And now? Well, it’s not what anyone would call a perfect solution, but The Weinstein Company has announced in a press release that it will release both versions of the film on separate DVDs. Which means paying twice if you want to see what happened to it.

Oh, and there’s no word yet on whether it’ll hit cinemas at all.